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Why and What is Powder Coating?

A powder coat is different to the common way to spray paint a surface when working with vehicles.

Spray paint consists out of coloring agents, carriers, polymers and some solvents if not waterbased.

This requires the liquid paint to be sprayed over a surface, and left to cure. Sometimes under a heat source. Powder coating is often done to paint wheels, given the strength by powder coating.

It is also easier to cover small holes and tight corners to create a more evenly covered finish.

Powder coating also has certain downsides which makes it not very suitable for painted entire body panels. How powder coating is done Powder coating consists out of a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer with a coloring agent, this powder is given an electric charge while spraying.

The object is given a negative charge, causing the powder coat to be attracted to the surface. After the object is covered, it is put inside an oven where an indirect heatsource causes the ceramic powder to melt and fuse together, bonding with the surface underneath.

After cooling it turns into a very hard surface, covering the object. Benefits of powder coat Apart from a different way of application, it has certain benefits that make it very suitable for specific goals.

Powdercoats are very hard, harder then regular automotive paint Powder coats can withstand various amounts of acidic and alkaline liquids It is easier to evenly cover an uneven surface, or and object with small crevices and sharp lines Powdercoats don’t require a transparent clear coat Oxidation and corrosion is much less an issue with powder coat.

Powdercoating doesn’t  contain any solvents (making it VOC compliant) Powder coatings are generally thicker then normal paint Many different paint effect (like chromatic, fluorescent etc) are much easier to achieve then with regular paint.



” Max sized items 500mm x 450mm x 650mm  ” if any larger items we will out source this for you.


Please note our Minimum Charge of R100.00 is applicable.


Parts / Items Sized > 100mmx100mm – 0.01sqm  – R45.00

Parts / Items Sized  > 150mmx150mm – 0.02sqm  – R55.00

Parts / Items Sized  > 200mmx100mm – 0.02sqm  – R55.00

Parts / Items Sized  > 200mmx200mm – 0.04sqm  – R65.00

Parts / Items Sized  > 250mmx250mm  – 0.06sqm  – R75.00

Parts / Items Sized  > 300mmx200mm – 0.06sqm  – R75.00

Parts / Items Sized  > 300mmx300mm – 0.09sqm  – R85.00

Parts / Items Sized   > 500mmx500mm  – 0.25sqm  – R 150.00

Parts / Items Sized  > 600mmx500mm – 0.30sqm –  R170.00


Car Rims 13 inch to 19inch – Price per Rim – Standard Powders / Colours

Single Rim 13 inch – 330.2mm  – R400.00        –  4 Rims “Set Deal”  R1500.00

Single Rim 14 inch  – 355.6mm   – R450.00       –  4 Rims “Set Deal”  R1750.00

Single Rim 15 inch –  381mm   – R500.00          –  4 Rims “Set Deal”  R1850.00

Single Rim 16 inch –  406.4mm  – R550.00       –   4 Rims “Set Deal”  R2000.00

Single Rim 17 inch – 431.8mm  – R600.00        –   4 Rims “Set Deal”  R2250.00

Single Rim 18 inch 457.2mm  – R650.00            –   4 Rims “Set Deal”  R2400.00

Single Rims 19 inch – 482.6mm   – R700.00       –   4 Rims “Set Deal”  R2650.00


** Custom / Smoked Colours – Please be in contact with us for pricing / Quotes ***


Mail us for more information concerning Hydro-Dipping & Powder Coat Pricing ” Also Remember to visit our Online store for your DIY Needs”